Hello, this is my hobbies page.

My hobbies include:

  • Acting
  • Karate
  • Gadgets
    • PSP - Playstation Portable for hacking, cracking and homebrew
    • Windows Media Center - vista version / plugins etc
    • Arduino - homebrew PIC microcontroller

Good luck and I hope you find something useful or interesting!

Whenever you meet difficult situations dash forward bravely and joyfully.

Tsunetomo Yamamoto - Hagakure


This is as much a reminder place for me to put down the plays I have done whilst I still remember them!

Early years

I have *LOVED* acting since I was a kid. I was always trying to re-enact some scene or other from a film, mainly Sci-Fi it has to be said but there was always something to try and do.

Eventually, I went to a saturday stage school for a couple of years which was great fun.

  • Fagin in Oliver (Prince of Wales Theatre London) - Stage School Production [????]
  • Bassino in Merchant of Venice - Stage School Production [????]

Black hole years a.k.a. Bedford [1990-1994]

No acting, no food, lots of alcohol. Best completely forgotten about.

University years [1994-1997] [1998-2000]

Somehow managed to fake my way into Uni and then I did some plays! Surprise, surprise... (anybody thinking of Cilla Black needs to be shot on site)

  • Tim Allgood in Noises Off by Michael Frayn (RUDS - Reading University Dramatic Society) [1994]
  • Gaoler in A Winters Tale by William Shakespeare (RUDS) [1995]
  • Malcolm in Macbeth by William Shakespeare (Progress Theatre - Open Air Reading Abbey Ruins Production) [1996]

Post-University years [2000-]

After a small miracle of a BSc and a MSc I moved into the real world again to do some work in-between I did the following

  • Third Watchmen in Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare (Progress Theatre - Open Air Reading Abbey Ruins Production) [1998]
  • Sebastian in Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare (Wokingham Theatre - Bearwood College Production) [25 - 28 October 2000]
  • Dromio of Syracuse in A Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare (Progress Theatre - Open Air South Hill Park Production) [14-24 July 2004]
  • Sergent, Inspector, Undertaker and Old Man in Can't Pay? Won't Pay! by Dario Fo (Sonning Village Players - Sonning Village) [2005]
  • Colonel Wagstaff (!) in Dry Rot by John Chapman (Shinfield Players - Shinfield, Reading) [2006]
  • Egeus in A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare (Progress Theatre - Open Air Reading Abbey Ruins Production) [2007]

Playstation Portable

Contrary to popular belief, sales and general Sony-bashing I believe this little console has a great idea at its heart. Unfortunately, crappy advertising and management of the PSP has hampered it from the beginning.

The collection of hardware within the small package is excellent, we just need the software opened up so it can be made more open to all.

Whilst we are waiting for that miracle to happen ( i.e. never ) the hacking and cracking homebrew scene is in full swing. :->


A list of my games

  • Lumines
  • Star Wars: Battlefont 2
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
  • WipEout Pure
  • Mercury
  • Midway Arcade Treasures
  • Namco Museum Battle Collection
  • Prince of Persia Revelations
  • Burnout Legends
  • Tokobot

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