Hello, this is my About page.

My name is David Neil Mortimer. I was born in Enfield, Middlesex, UK ( apparently but the mothership hasn't come back yet to confirm my suspicions ) but since have lived in lots of different places. These include Tollesbury, Bedford, White Waltham, Reading and now Twyford.

I studied at the University of Reading for a BSc (Hons) I Computer Science and a MSc in Engineering and Informatio Sciences.

I am interested in karate where I am a shodan ( 1st dan ) black belt but I am just as interested in the history of karate and martial arts in general. I have studied various arts over the years including: tai chi chuan, ba qua, hsing i, wing chung kung fu and tae kwon do ( ITF style )

Another interest is acting which I do as and when I can. I love creating a performance, whether other people enjoy it is up to them!! I have performed with various local groups including RUDS, Progress Theatre, Wokingham Theatre, Shinfield Players and Sonning Village Players

My main obsession is a close run thing between gadgets and more gadgets... :-) You can never have enough toys to play with!

I can be contacted via david (at) the (dash) mortimers (dot) com

Always look on the bright side of life

Monty Python - Life of Brian